Champions League final delayed with Liverpool fans stuck outside Stade de France

The 2021/22 Champions League final has been delayed due to “the late arrival of fans at the stadium”.

Fans have been pictured struggling to get into the stadium, with stewards and officials at Stade de France failing to get supporters due to the chaotic scenes outside the stadium.

The game is now expected to kick off at 20:30 BST, though this could still change. Liverpool and Real Madrid players also reemerged on the pitch for a second warm-up.

Officials have struggled with separating ticket-owning supporters from those trying to access the stadium illegally. Fans have been queuing outside the ground for over two hours and many have been unable to get outside.

Tear gas has also been used against fans.

People were seen climbing the fences and running towards the stadium with security unable to stop them.

UEFA’s announcement that the game was delayed due to “the late arrival of fans at the stadium” was loudly booed throughout Stade de France.

It’s another shameful stain on UEFA’s final organisation in recent years. The Euro 2020 final between Italy and England last year saw similar scenes of chaos.

More to follow…