New York Giants select QB Will Levis in 2023 mock draft from PFN

The 2023 NFL draft is still roughly a year away and the college football season has not even been played yet, but that hasn’t stopped analysts from conducting mock drafts.

It’s almost a foolish exercise at this point but it persists nonetheless. The latest to release a 2023 mock draft was Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network and like a slew of others before him, he has the New York Giants selecting Kentucky quarterback Will Levis.

Things are looking up for the Giants with Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll. But there are a few loose ends from the previous regime that may eventually need tying up. Although he’s back and healthy, Saquon Barkley’s long-term status with New York is unclear. And while he has a chance to revitalize his career under new management, Daniel Jones’ leash will be shorter this year. If the Giants are picking at No. 7, odds are Jones didn’t impress. And then it will be time for the Giants to invest in a new QB.

Like Richardson, Will Levis is a talented but flawed passer. He comes with a steely 6’3″, 230-pound frame, exceptional athleticism and competitive toughness, and a very live arm with wicked velocity. But at the same time, his decision-making and pocket presence can be inconsistent, and his field vision is very much a work in progress. Nevertheless, the Giants’ staff has previous experience with a talented yet flawed prospect in Josh Allen. With Levis, they may try to get lightning to strike twice.

What more can we even say about Levis at this point? He’s been the only player mocked to the Giants this offseason and that admittedly becomes quite boring. And similar to other mock drafts, PFN considers him the fourth-best quarterback prospect, meaning the Giants were left picking from the scraps.

In Round 2, the Giants address their cornerback problem by selecting Garrett Williams out of Syracuse.

39) New York Giants

Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse

Williams is certainly an ascending player and unlikely to be available in Round 2 is his current trajectory holds.