Giants greats show up to support the Jay Fund at MetLife Stadium

This past week, former New York Giants greats showed up in support of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Foundation, who hosted the returning “Sundae Blitz” at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

Retired Giants, including Harry Carson and David Tyree, put some time aside to meet with the families dealing with childhood cancer.

CEO Keli Coughlin spoke with Giants Wire about the event and the players who were attending. Families were also welcomed with food, crafts, games and a fun filled day with other families, volunteers and the aforementioned players.

Players spent time with the kids signing autographs and taking pictures with them and their families. The event provided everyone a nice distraction and time away from everything the kids and their families are going through.

Members of Giants alumni spoke to Giants Wire about the event and what the Jay Fund Foundation means to them.

Harry Carson

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“The reason why I am here is because I have been involved with the Jay Fund for years,” Carson said. “I’ve been a supporter; I’ve been a supporter of my wife because she is on the board. Every year, we do a dinner for the families of the kids who are getting scholarships. It’s a thrill for me to be here and support the families with kids who are dealing cancer and quite frankly, I say my prayers and I’m very thankful that I have kids and I have grandkids, and anything can happen to anybody at any time.

“I just want to use my celebrity or use whatever I might need to make a difference in the lives of other people and the Jay Fund is one of those organizations that we fully support.”

Kevin Boothe

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“The annual Jay Fund ‘Sundae Blitz’ is something that I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of for several years. It’s an extension of the Jay Fund and all the work that they do, and it really is a joy to spend time here with the families and children who are obviously going through the unthinkable,” Boothe said. “And when you go in there and interact with the kids, you realized that — the amount of strength and resilience they have and it’s truly inspiring.

“It’s just me being fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Joining this team when Coach Coughlin was here and getting exposed to what they do and that other organizations do in this area. Whenever I’m available and whenever it’s possible I like to be able to contribute. One thing that is so great about the Jay Fund is that it doesn’t matter what you can give, as long as you give something — whether that’s time, resources, money. They put in tremendous work and they put it to good use.”

David Tyree

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“The Jay Fund, personally and as a Giants alumni, the organization is just a cornerstone of impact in so many different areas and, of course, within the community of people who impacted by cancer. So for me and my relationship with Coach Coughlin, his beautiful wife and his family, it’s been a no-brainer for years,” Tyree said. “It’s just always so special to show up and support these kids.

“For me personally, when I think about the impact and, of course, as you mature and grow it’s easy to see as a player we want to serve and want to give our time. But when you hear the stories of the families — and I don’t have personal relationships that have profoundly been impacted by cancer — you hear the depth of layers of impact.

“The grassroots nature of some and how they are helping these families and their needs — food, support, relationship bridges — it brings tears. So when it comes to Coach Coughlin and what he’s to my life, if I can do it it’s going to get done.”

Chris Snee

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“It’s one of the staple events they do, especially in this area. Dating back to when I was playing, it was an event when the kids come in, they get a tour of the facilities, interact with the players,” Snee said. “Now no longer player and being a volunteer, I think it’s important to spend time with the kids but also the parents and listen to their stories and what they are dealing with and the impact the Jay Fund has had on them. I told my 11-year-old on the way here, I think it’s important, too, because these kids have a couple hours where they can run on the field, do inflatables, play ping pong and kind of forget about what they are dealing with all the time.

“Being a father of four, I love kids in general. It breaks my heart to see what they are going through but I leave here with admiration of how upbeat and strong they are and how strong their parents are. I could not imagine, nor would I ever want to image being put in this situation. I’m amazed at how happy and positive these kids are and they are fun to be around. Their smiles make me smile and it leaves me happy for the rest of the day.”